Waiting Songs - Physical CD


Waiting Songs - Physical CD


1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (feat. Sandra McCracken & Skye Peterson)
2. Come Light Our Hearts (feat. Sandra McCracken & Skye Peterson)
3. Isaiah 11
4. Every Valley (It's Hard To Wait) (feat. Flo Paris)
5. The Weight of the World (feat. Katy Bowser)
6. Mary Consoles Eve (feat. Sandra McCracken)
7. Zechariah (feat. Katy Bowser)
8. Magnificat (feat. Flo Paris)
9. Great Rejoicing (feat. Sandra McCracken & Skye Peterson)
10. Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus (feat. Flo Paris & Sera Oakes)

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Waiting Songs is an album of Advent. These songs are about making time for waiting. The King is coming and He is already here. So we practice listening, quieting ourselves, celebrating, whispering good news, and yelling shouts of joy. In the Rain for Roots family, we practice most of all by singing to ourselves, to each other, and to our children about true things. He is coming -- the Joy of Every Longing Heart. Our longing hearts. Grown ups and children; we are the same in this. Through these songs, may God call us closer into conversation with Himself while we wait and hope with expectation. He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found.

released November 10, 2015 

Executive Producer: Sandra McCracken 

Produced and Engineered by Stephen Gause at Invertigo Productions
Mixed by Shane D. Wilson at St. Izzy's of the East Nashville, TN 
Assisted by Aaron Chafin 
Mix Coordination by Lani Crump for Showdown Productions 
Mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master 
Cover Artwork by A. Micah Smith 
Project Management by Alice Mary Smith

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