The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This - Physical CD


The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This - Physical CD


1. Open Our Eyes (feat. Sandra McCracken)
2. The Wise And Foolish Builder (feat. Flo Paris)
3. Do Not Worry (feat. Ellie Holcomb)
4. Good Fruit (feat. Katy Bowser)
5. Leaven Bread
6. Jesus Is Born (Flo Paris)
7. Come To Me (feat. Sandra McCracken)
8. Mustard Seed (feat. Ellie Holcomb)
9. Go Get The Lost One (feat. Katy Bowser)
10. The Lord’s Prayer (feat. Sandra McCracken)

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released April 8, 2014 

Executive Producer: Sandra McCracken 
Produced by Stephen Gause at Invertigo Productions 
Mixed by Shane D. Wilson at St. Izzy's of the East Nashville, TN 
Assisted by Evan Redwine 
Mix Coordination by Lani Crump for Showdown Productions 
Mastered by Alex McCollough 
Cover Artwork by A. Micah Smith 
Project Management by Alice Mary Smith

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